The firm is governed and managed by two committees with different levels of management focus:

The Management Committee consists of the Managing Partner, three additional firm partners and the Chief Operating Officer. This committee oversees the day-to-day operations of the firm.

The Executive Committee consists of 16 partner members (including Management Committee) and the Chief Operating Officer. This committee broadly represents the firm's practice groups, offices and partnership; is the overall governing body of the firm; and has the final authority on important issues.

Management Committee:

Image of Bill Malley

William Malley
Managing Partner
Management Committee Chair
(Washington, D.C.)

Mark Birnbaum
(Los Angeles)
Steven Hedberg
Image of Molly Moynihan Mary C. Moynihan
(Washington, D.C.)
Image of Paul Parker Paul Parker

Executive Committee:

Management Committee plus:

Image of David McShea David F. McShea
Executive Committee Chair
Stephen C. Bishop

Jason Day
Steve Koh
Image of Julia Markley Julia E. Markley
Lisa M. McGimpsey
Tina N. Moss
(New York)
Image of Katie O'Sullivan Kathleen O'Sullivan
Pravin Rao
Bruce V. Spiva
(Washington D.C.)
Image of Michelle Umberger Michelle M. Umberger
Bobbie Wilson
(San Francisco)


Staff Leadership:

Additionally, the firm's staff leadership team oversees the operations of professional staff departments throughout the firm.

Image of Steven Hedberg Steven Hedberg
Chief Operating Officer
image of Genhi Givings Bailey Genhi Givings Bailey
Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Image of Tammy Baldwin Tammy Baldwin
Chief of Business Operations
Image of Jennifer Bluestein Jennifer Bluestein
Chief Talent Officer
Image of Toby Brown Toby Brown
Chief Practice Management Officer
Image of Gavin Cullen Gavin Cullen
Chief Administrative Officer
Image of Diane Feth Diane Feth
Professional Standards Counsel
Rick Howell
Chief Information Officer
Image of Leah Medway Leah Medway
Pro Bono Counsel
Image of Trevor Varnes Trevor Varnes
Chief Financial Officer