The below is a listing of frequently contacted departments at Perkins Coie. Please feel free to reach out to any of these departments directly or email for general inquiries. Thank you.

Finance Department Hotline
Phone: 206.359.3143  Email the Hotline


Genhi Givings Bailey, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Phone: 312.324.8505 Email Genhi

Human Resources
Human Resources General Inquiries
Email HR

Library Services
Catherine Horan, Library Business Operations Manager
Phone: 206.359.3474 Email Catherine

Media Relations
Justin Cole, Head of Media Relations
Phone: 202.654.6310 Fax: 202.654.6211 Email Justin

Pro Bono
Julie LaEace, Senior Pro Bono Counsel & Director of Social Responsibility
Phone: 312.324.8609 Fax: 312.324.9400 Email Julie

Professional Standards
Diane Feth, Professional Standards Counsel
Phone: 206.359.8379 Fax: 206.359.9379 Email Diane

Patrick Benedict, Director of Information Governance
Phone: 312.324.8676 Fax: 312.324.9400 Email Patrick

Recruiting - Lawyers
Michael R. Gotham, Senior Director of Legal Talent
Phone: 415.344.7066 Fax: 415.344.7050 Email Michael

Recruiting - Business Professionals
Mary Beth Bosworth, Director of Talent
Phone: 206.359.3987 Fax: 206.359.4987 Email Mary Beth