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Affinity Groups

Affinity groups are a key to the success of diversity at the firm. Our affinity groups develop educational programming, assist with business and professional development opportunities, maintain relationships with national minority bar associations and foster community.

The affinity groups are important sources of support, development and networking for our diverse lawyers. The firm supports the following affinity groups.

African American/Black Lawyers

The African American Affinity Group was formed to support African American/Black attorneys in building thriving practices, engaging in meaningful work and attaining success. The affinity group strives to support African American/Black attorneys and help connect them to the tools and resources they need to reach their goals.

Asian Pacific Islander Lawyers

The Asian Pacific Islander Affinity Group seeks to reinforce relationships throughout the firm, create business opportunities with clients, volunteer time in their communities and serve as leaders in their fields. Members actively discuss diversity issues and share news in the affinity group’s monthly newsletter. In addition, members attended the National Asian Pacific Islander American Bar Association Annual Convention in New Orleans, LA. More than 1,600 Asian Pacific American attorneys, judges, law students, legal scholars, and elected officials from around the country were in attendance. In addition, members hosted the annual Perkins Coie/Microsoft dinner in concert with the convention.

Latina/o Lawyers

The Latina/o Affinity Group’s primary vision is to serve as a meaningful resource for the firm’s Latina/o attorneys on matters such as business development, firm advancement, retention, community involvement and professional development. The group hosts quarterly calls in which a different member of the group is highlighted at each meeting allowing the group to learn more about one another’s practice group and industry. The group also participated in the Hispanic National Bar Association in Boston, MA.

Lawyers with Disabilities

The Lawyers with Disabilities Affinity Group was launched in 2011 with the primary goal of increasing the firm’s recruitment, retention and promotion of disabled lawyers. The group provides support for our disabled lawyers and a forum for the discussion of issues related to the community of lawyers with disabilities as a whole, including reasonable accommodation, workflow and diversity issues.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Lawyers

The LGBT affinity group provides support to those who have self-identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. The group’s mission is to provide fellowship and support as well as activism and education on relevant policies and current issues. In addition to participating in pro bono legal and legislative opportunities, the group provides education through firm programs and publications. The group also supports community organizations whose goals include increasing diversity and tolerance in our communities.


The Parents Affinity Group encourages supportive relationships among firm parents by providing a forum for attorneys to share information and resources to support being a working parent. The group also frequently provides feedback to firm management and advocates for parents on issues and policies within the firm. Members meet quarterly and host events such as Sports Equipment Swap and an Estate Planning seminar.

South Asian/Middle Eastern Lawyers

The South Asian/Middle Eastern Affinity Group consists of attorneys with backgrounds from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Iran and other South Asian and Middle Eastern nations. Members participate in discussion around development and retention and also serve as a resource for South Asian summer associates.

Women’s Forum

The Perkins Coie Women’s Forum, established in 2006, works to attract, retain and promote women in the firm and to provide leadership and support on issues that impact the firm’s women attorneys. Led by two co-chairs and four subcommittee chairs, the Forum invites broad participation from women in all offices. Its four Subcommittees—Leadership, Marketing & Business Development, Retention & Mentoring and Work/Life Balance—connect the firm’s women attorneys across offices, serve as internal consultants to the firm on women’s issues and provide input and influence in the decision-making and leadership appointment processes.

Women of Color

The Women of Color Affinity Group provides a forum in which the unique issues of importance to women attorneys of color are raised and addressed. The group facilitates dialogue with the firm regarding increasing the hiring and retention of women attorneys of color and developing systems of support and mentoring for women of color in the firm.

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