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Many market-leading companies came to Perkins Coie for counsel early in their existence. Perkins Coie’s extensive experience with emerging companies spans a variety of fast-moving industry sectors, including life sciences, Internet, software, digital media, hardware, telecommunications and clean technology.

The services we provide are tailored to individual client needs and objectives, and they change throughout the arc of a company's growth. Working with great companies has taught us a few universal truths that have shaped the values and practices of the Perkins Coie Emerging Companies group:

Pursuing Perishable Market Opportunities, Entrepreneurs Need Counsel Who Work At Their Speed

Our team is efficient, accessible and responsive. We know our clients count on us to find solutions, not raise barriers. We believe a problem is something to be solved, not something to derail progress.

Technology Companies Need Lawyers Who Are Comfortable With Technology

Not all of our emerging company clients are technology companies, but most of them are. We are inspired by the technologies and services they have developed, and our technically savvy professionals have the perspective of end-users as well as attorneys. Our knowledge of technology helps us to understand fully our clients’ businesses, which is critical to providing top-notch legal service.

Money Is the Lifeblood of an Emerging Company

We help clients raise money by maintaining relationships with key venture capital groups and other potential investors. We know market terms and have a negotiating style that gets our clients the best deals possible, while preserving strong relationships with investors (some of whom will become board members); by working efficiently and offering creative billing arrangements so we can be sure to provide great value.

From Birth to Maturity, Emerging Companies Have Diverse Needs

They are best served, therefore, by law firms that can efficiently access the best talent in a wide range of areas. Our emerging companies’ team features top-flight attorneys in such critical areas as intellectual property, executive compensation, employment, litigation and personal planning. Our teams work to provide seamless, end-to-end solutions to our clients. We know that emerging companies value continuity and consistency in their working relationships. Accordingly, we neither outsource client projects nor staff on a project-to-project basis. Instead, a dedicated client service team is assigned to each emerging company client.

Venture Capital

Cash is the lifeblood of emerging growth companies that must be able to raise money, when necessary, in a timely and efficient manner. Companies seeking private investors value law firms that offer both investor contacts and extensive experience in venture capital and private investments.

Perkins Coie is a recognized leader in venture capital transactions, representing both companies seeking financing and venture capital firms seeking to invest. Our team was recently recognized by Chambers USA as one of the leading Venture Capital practices in the United States from 2012 - 2014. We are the only law firm headquartered north of San Francisco with a broad practice representing leading venture capital firms. Our expansive network enables us to introduce our clients to our venture capital contacts, which, in turn, helps both the companies seeking funding and the venture capital firms seeking new investments.

Our attorneys have handled hundreds of venture capital deals. Our representation of both emerging growth companies and venture capital firms provides us with broad and deep experience negotiating and closing financing transactions quickly and efficiently. As a full-service firm, we also offer emerging growth companies counsel on a wide range of critical early-stage business activities, including structuring outsourcing arrangements, negotiating trade secret and non-compete agreements with employees, and developing key customer and vendor contracts.




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