Our New Space team has decades of experience working with innovative leaders in the industry.

A multidisciplinary team of attorneys represents clients in all aspects of satellite, aerospace and launch services including:

  • Emerging companies and venture capital
  • Financing
  • Intellectual property procurement and litigation
  • Leasing and other strategic transactions
  • Launch services agreements
  • FAA launch licensing regulations and compliance issues
  • Environmental regulation and compliance
  • FCC licensing and regulatory matters
  • Insurance recovery
  • Government contracts
  • Real estate and land use
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Product liability
  • Satellite and Aerospace litigation


Perkins Coie has worked with clients since the earliest days of the satellite industry through our aviation defense team representing leading satellite manufactures. Our strength in aviation and aerospace product liability litigation is recognized worldwide. We provide clients with counseling on product liability containment and lawsuit avoidance; litigation and trial representation; global, national and regional claims coordination; and representation before government agencies.

As the industry evolved and technology changed, we expanded our relationships with top satellite manufacturers beyond defending them in litigation to offer wide-ranging guidance. We have worked closely with the satellite communications industry to provide counsel on intellectual property, leasing, privacy and security. We represent a number of companies providing launch systems and services, offering space-based services, and/or controlling satellite assets.

Regulation is a major concern for our clients, and we represent clients before the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and other federal agencies and international organizations. This includes advising clients on domestic and international regulatory issues connected to implementing a communications satellite program. Our experience in these first “unmanned” systems is the genesis of our dedicated Unmanned Vehicle Systems industry group, which looks to the future as it learns from the past.


The extraordinary risk and distinctive characteristics of space ventures demand experienced legal counsel. Our multidisciplinary team represents companies, their investors and other affiliates in corporate transactions, product liability, commercial litigation and IP matters.

Our product liability attorneys have decades of aviation and aerospace experience to provide clients with seasoned advice on what is needed for space exploration and commerce. We can also guide clients through the regulatory process of obtaining governmental approval for new technologies and advise them in protecting their intellectual property. Our team’s patent attorneys have advanced degrees in mechanical, electrical and aerospace engineering. We assist startups in financing, often turning to our established partnerships with venture capitalists and companies that thrive on innovation. Emblematic of our industry commitment are our strategic alliances with industry leaders and associations and our membership on the advising committee of New Space Ventures.