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Perkins Coie draws upon our years of experience and service as former regulators and prosecutors to design compliance programs for companies of all sizes, in various industries, throughout the United States and abroad. Our experienced attorneys regularly work with companies to:

  • develop and implement compliance policies and procedures;
  • provide training and seminars for employees and third-party representatives; and
  • assist companies in measuring compliance through regular monitoring and audits. 

When a potential violation is alleged, our team also has deep experience conducting domestic and international internal investigations and can advise on remedial steps, including whether to self-report the conduct to relevant governmental authorities.

High-Value Compliance Programs

Regulators’ and prosecutors’ decisions to bring civil or criminal enforcement actions, and the severity of a civil penalty or a criminal sentence imposed, can be significantly impacted by the extent and quality of a company’s compliance program. We help companies design and implement programs consistent with the Federal Organizational Sentencing Guidelines’ criteria on what constitutes an effective compliance and ethics program.

In addition, the public’s perception of a company, and the likelihood of private claims and reputational damage, may be influenced by the public’s perception of the adequacy of internal controls.  By assisting companies in the development and implementation of effective compliance programs, Perkins Coie aims to reduce the potential for litigation and liability.

Designing Compliance Programs and Trainings

The first step to a robust compliance program is the implementation of policies, procedures and internal controls designed to identify and limit risk. We have significant experience advising companies on the development and implementation of a range of policies and procedures, including in these areas:

  • Codes of conduct
  • Corporate governance policies
  • Insider trading policies
  • Privacy policies and procedures
  • Record retention policies and procedures
  • FCPA, UK Bribery Act and other anti-corruption policies and procedures
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Conflict Minerals Compliance policies

Trainings. Compliance policies and procedures are effective only if employees and third-party representatives are informed about them. We regularly work with companies to train employees and third-party representatives regarding compliance policies.

Monitoring Compliance

Companies also need to know whether their compliance programs are effective. We work with companies to monitor compliance with company policies and procedures, including conducting audits and internal investigations to evaluate compliance with policies and procedures.

Asia-Pacific Compliance

Perkins Coie regularly works with clients throughout the Asia-Pacific region to minimize their unique risks. We conduct internal investigations, perform due diligence and establish policies, procedures and training programs to ensure compliance with relevant U.S. and local laws.

Clients work with a dedicated team of White Collar & Investigations practice attorneys whose experience spans all corners of the region, including Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. In addition, we maintain offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei.

Known for being culturally attuned and skillfully weaving themselves into clients’ operations, our team members have spent significant time living, studying, working and conducting investigations throughout Asia. Internal investigations, corporate compliance programs and financial services regulations are major areas of focus. More about Asia-Pacific compliance.

Latin American Compliance

With experience spanning all corners of Latin America, from Mexico to Argentina and everywhere in between, we serve as clients’ “go-to” counsel. Our clients range from businesses of all sizes based in Latin America to large multinational corporations, headquartered in the United States and beyond, that maintain a presence in Latin America. Recent representative examples of our compliance counsel include the following:

  • Assessment and redesign of a compliance and internal controls program for a Central American corporation looking to expand its business worldwide;
  • Representation of a Mexican corporation in a U.S. Department of Justice investigation that was ultimately closed with no adverse action taken; and
  • Investigation of numerous multinational companies with respect to internal fraud, export controls, FCPA bribery, and books and records laws in Mexico, Central America, Brazil, Costa Rica, Peru, South America and Chile.

Whether resolving minor day-to-day concerns or analyzing and implementing long-term programmatic initiatives, we offer clients a multifaceted approach to compliance. Perkins Coie attorneys have cultivated relationships with legal professionals, business leaders and government officials throughout the region to enhance the client services we provide.