Perkins Coie’s Supply Chain Compliance & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practice is the first such dedicated practice among the Am Law 100 law firms.

In a landscape marked by escalating supply-chain compliance and CSR-related enforcement efforts, new laws, and brand-damaging consumer and advocacy group pressures, experienced and trusted counsel is essential.

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What Compliance Professionals Need to Know

In addition to compliance concerns raised by the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), UK Bribery Act, and other more familiar transnational anti-corruption laws, compliance professionals must also respond to more novel legal requirements, such as those contained in the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act, Federal Acquisition Regulations on Trafficking in Persons in Federal Contracts, U.K. Modern Slavery Act of 2015, European Union’s Directive on Transparency and its amendments, and the proposed federal Business Transparency in Trafficking and Slavery Act and other laws.

Regardless of the nature and complexity of the compliance issues a company is facing, Perkins Coie’s Supply Chain Compliance and CSR practice lawyers provide practical guidance concerning real-world risks. Clients rely on our team to prevent, evaluate, investigate, remediate, and, if necessary, litigate the issues they face on a daily basis.

Ensuring Supply Chain Compliance

Your supply chain is business-critical, but it also creates the greatest legal risk. Perkins Coie's Supply Chain Compliance lawyers are the wall around your company that help detect, address and prevent compliance risk.

CSR Clients and Key Counsel Areas

Our Supply Chain Compliance and CSR practice team supports businesses, from startups to Fortune 20 global industry leaders. We counsel clients in key areas, including:

  • Planning and performing targeted anti-corruption, anti-trafficking and other related risk assessments.
  • Designing best-practices policies and procedures that respond to existing risks, applicable legal frameworks and the enforcement environment.
  • Advising on day-to-day issues.
  • Vetting potential business partners.
  • Conducting phased internal investigations into allegations of misconduct.
  • Training employees and business partners on the business’s policies, procedures and reciprocal expectations.
  • Developing integrated crisis responses.
  • Counseling and defending against claims of misconduct or misrepresentation.

Because no two companies are identical, we take a customized approach when assessing and implementing supply chain compliance and CSR-related needs. As our existing clients know, our team of real-world–tested attorneys are available 24/7 to answer questions and address time-sensitive issues. Throughout the process, we seek to harmonize business, social, and compliance objectives by incorporating the client’s values and culture into its business model and existing (or planned) compliance regime.

Comprehensive Supply Chain Compliance and CSR Counseling Services

Depth of Experience

Nothing beats experience when it comes to the area of compliance. Since establishing a first-of-its-kind practice among Am Law 100 firms, we have helped companies address virtually every type of compliance issue. We have conducted risk assessments and designed and revised dozens of compliance programs. We have counseled companies facing first-of-their-kind class action lawsuits. We have negotiated disclosures to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). We have served as the “voice of the company” in discussions with advocacy groups and NGOs. And we have successfully tried high-profile cases.

Supply Chain Compliance and CSR Team

Perkins Coie’s Supply Chain Compliance and CSR practice includes former officials from the Department of State, the DOJ and the SEC, and state attorneys’ offices, as well as former in-house counsel with a deep understanding of the concerns keeping compliance counsel up at night. Members of our cross-disciplinary team of supply chain compliance and CSR professionals include subject matter authorities in the fields of corporate compliance, investigations and litigation; international law; labor and employment law; environmental, corporate, retail and consumer products law; franchising and distribution; marketing and advertising; and e-commerce and privacy and security law.

Indeed, members of our team were the first to provide in-depth analysis of key supply chain laws and regulations, including the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act, Federal Acquisition Regulations on Trafficking in Persons in Federal Contracts, and the U.K. Modern Slavery Act of 2015. Further on the point of our long-standing, in-depth involvement in the subject area, Perkins Coie attorneys have served as the National Co-Chair of the American Bar Association (ABA) Corporate Social Responsibility Committee; the Founding National Co-Chair of the ABA Criminal Justice Section Corporate Social Responsibility and Forced Labor Task Force; the Founding National Co-Chair of the ABA Global Anti-Corruption Committee; appointees to the President’s Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking; and special advisors to the ABA Criminal Justice Section Council and to the Uniform Law Commission’s Project on Human Trafficking (with the resulting uniform law having been adopted by more than 20 states). Members of the practice, moreover, have authored more than 50 articles, book chapters and books examining today’s supply-chain compliance issues.