Embracing an “all in” commitment to the industry, Perkins Coie lawyers advise and represent many of the market leaders in AR/VR and MR technology, products, services and content.

We guide companies new to the AR / VR industry in identifying, anticipating and resolving legal issues raised by this developing technology. We also serve as product counsel for clients in the market, including established and independent hardware and software companies and developers.  

Named among law firm “virtual visionaries” for AR/VR by The American Lawyer, 2017, Perkins Coie works with augmented reality and virtual reality clients in such areas as:

Content Marketplaces and Additional Areas of Counsel

The prominence of content in the AR/VR space means we play an active role in helping clients develop, distribute, monetize and protect content. Our counsel includes advice and guidance on content development and distribution; VR content marketplaces for VR products; content development agreements; and developer guidelines and policies related to content guidelines, ratings and warnings.

Additional areas of related counsel include advertising, marketing and promotions, ADA and user experience, artificial intelligence, in-game currency, including cryptocurrency, and counseling and litigation advice regarding biometrics.

Committed to the AR / VR Community

Perkins Coie has been an early and enthusiastic participant in the AR / VR industry. We work closely with industry accelerators like Plug and Play, Boost VC and UploadVR. We help support developing communities, such as the University of California Berkeley SkyDeck incubator, where we often serve as a judge during their business plan competition for AR / VR businesses. We also represented HTC in connection with the formation and participation in GVRA (Global Virtual Reality Association), whose founding members include Google VR, HTC Vive, Oculus, Sony Interactive and Star VR.

Our commitment to growth and development in this sector includes initiating an industrywide survey of more than 140 startup founders and executives with established technology. The survey results created original insights to the challenges and future of augmented and virtual reality companies.

Perkins Coie attorneys also demonstrate their belief, shared with clients, in the importance of the AR and VR industry through our sponsorship of leading industry events and groups, such as UploadVR and SEA VR, and through our development of CLE programs dedicated to educating clients about emerging legal issues for VR companies and content providers.

Startups and Venture Capital

  • Helping AR/VR companies raise money by maintaining relationships with key venture capital groups, angels, private equity, investment banking and other potential investors who have a history of investing in the game industry as well as other disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and blockchain technology.
  • Helped in raising over $1 billion in capital by our AR/VR clients in the past two years.

Technology Transactions and Privacy

  • Counseling on technology and IP licensing issues, hardware development and supply.
  • Aligning clients with strategic relationships through content, experience development and acquisition.
  • Developing and negotiating content development and distribution agreements.
  • Preparing consumer-facing terms, including terms of use, terms of sale, privacy policies, EULAs and payment policies.
  • Counseling on monetization, including subscription models.
  • Drafting research agreements with universities, nonprofit organizations and research organizations as well as research consents and study policies for employees and non-employees.

Privacy and Data Security

  • Advising on compliance with international privacy requirements, including GDPR.
  • Counseling regarding FCC issues, privacy and data security issues. 

Patent Counseling

  • Intellectual property protections, including patent prosecution and litigation.
  • Providing due diligence and portfolio management. 

Trademark Enforcement

  • Copyrights, trademarks and protection of brand integrity.
  • Providing due diligence and portfolio management.

Product Liability Counsel

  • Drafting and negotiating hardware manufacturing and supply agreements, prototype agreements, engineering and design agreements and services agreements related to gaming hardware.
  • Developing warnings, labels and user manuals and providing health and safety advice.
  • Offering clients a product liability workshop dedicated to virtual reality, which features an interactive case study that spans the entire litigation cycle, from initial design and testing to a post-accident courtroom showdown of a fictional virtual reality hardware product.