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Perkins Coie lawyers Harry Schneider, Joe McMillan and Charles Sipos provided a behind-the-scenes account of their experience as part of the defense team of lawyers appointed to defend Salim Ahmed Hamdan, widely known as Osama bin Laden's personal driver. The presentation included a review of the federal court litigation filed in Seattle that eventually led to the United States Supreme Court 2006 landmark Hamdan v. Rumsfeld decision on the limits of presidential power. Schneider, McMillan and Sipos also provided an in-depth analysis of the 2008 trial at Guantanamo Bay in which Mr. Hamdan became the first defendant accused by the United States of committing war crimes in the war on terror and tried before a Military Commission.

The Trial of Salim Ahmed Hamdan: Part 1:


The Trial of Salim Ahmed Hamdan: Part 2:


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