General News

Bob Bauer and Barak Cohen were quoted in The National Law Journal article, “What the Election-Law Camp Is Saying About Donald Trump Jr.'s Emails,” regarding Donald Trump Jr.’s emails that disclosed a meeting with a Russian operative offering negative information on Hillary Clinton.

Bob Bauer: “People tend to view this as an individual issue for Donald Trump Jr. There’s a question of his own personal liability or the liability of Mr. [Jared] Kushner and [former campaign chair Paul] Manafort. They’re agents of the campaign: They’re speaking for the campaign, they’re holding a meeting at Trump Tower. I think that one of the things to keep in mind about the exchange of emails today is that it opens up the question of campaign organization liability. That is to say, the campaign as an entity. That, of course, brings it a lot closer to President Trump.”

Barak Cohen: “The emails tell me that he’s aware that the Russian government is trying to influence the election in favor of Trump, and they also indicate an intent, at least on the part of Donald Trump Jr., to entertain the idea of working with the Russians in their efforts,” said Barak Cohen, a former federal prosecutor now in private practice at Perkins Coie. “It raises a number of potential areas of liability.”