Associated Oregon Industries / Portland, OR

Preparing for Cleaner Air Oregon Inspections
Air Toxics: Responding to DEQ's Upcoming Information Request and Inspections

On May 16, 2016 Perkins Coie and Associated Oregon Industries welcomed AOI members and other interested parties to a seminar/webinar presentation addressing questions and issues arising from DEQ's recent announcement to investigate sources that may emit metals.

Mike Freese, AOI VP; Tom Wood, AOI Air & Energy Co-Chair; and Jeff Hunter; AOI Water & Clean-up Co-Chair and David Like, AOI Air & Energy Co-Chair, led the discussion on the following:

  • How to respond to DEQ's letter requesting information
  • How to prepare for the inspection
  • Your rights in responding to the information requests and inspections

Click here to listen in to the audio of the seminar presentation.

Click here to download the presentation slides.

*Note: After the presentation, AOI and Perkins Coie learned that DEQ would not be issuing letters requesting information in the near future. Instead, DEQ would send the 316 identified businesses a letter with a brief explanation of DEQ’s plans in moving forward. Along with the information requests, it appears an inspection schedule may also change. Nevertheless, all permitted facilities should be prepared to respond when DEQ sends the letter.