Attorneys in the Perkins Coie Corporate Finance Group recently authored an article titled "Advising the Board of Directors in Acquiring a Business" that was published in Insights: the Corporate & Securities Law Advisor. Authorizing significant acquisitions can create legal risks for directors, and directors who authorize acquisitions that prove unsuccessful can be subject to litigation. While courts have historically viewed a board's decision to acquire another company as an ordinary course business decision that is protected under the business judgment rule, courts apply a greater level of scrutiny to a target board's consideration of a takeover proposal. The court's greater scrutiny of the target board's behavior, which at times may require it to adhere to a standard of entire fairness, arises from the greater significance of an takeover to the target and a concern that the target board may act out of self-interest. The article:
    • discusses the fiduciary duties of directors in authorizing a company to make a significant acquisition,  
    • examines the usefulness and limitations of fairness opinions in buy-side transactions, and  
    • provides practical guidance for directors of acquiring companies and the attorneys who advise them.
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