Conducting a prompt, efficient and cost-effective investigation into potential workplace misconduct often presents one of the most daunting challenges faced by employers.

Ensuring that these highly sensitive investigations are handled discreetly and appropriately is often essential in order to establish legal defenses, preserve the attorney-client privilege, and perhaps most importantly, properly address and resolve the workplace misconduct to preserve employee morale and productivity. Acting swiftly and appropriately is critical for achieving a successful outcome.

Perkins Coie Labor & Employment lawyers are experienced in handling the most sensitive investigations, from senior executive management to shop floor employees. Whether the issue is sexual or racial harassment, employee theft or financial misconduct, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, compromise of critical trade secret data, or loss of sensitive employee data on a laptop, we have the knowledge and experience to provide immediate guidance and to take immediate action. We work regularly with a seasoned group of outside investigators on whom we can, if necessary, call for assistance.

Moreover, we have access to, and experience with, the most technically sophisticated electronic data systems for rapidly capturing and analyzing e-mail and other electronic communications related to investigations in real time. For investigations involving potential criminal exposure, we can call upon partners who are former assistant U.S. attorneys or Department of Justice lawyers to help clients structure an investigation to minimize criminal or civil exposure.