The following publications and resources can help you prepare for and execute a successful IPO.

Tip Sheets and Timelines

Top 12 Pre-IPO Action Items

This list features 12 actionable goals that you can begin working on today to prepare your company for the IPO process.

Pre-IPO Planning: Significant Issues for Consideration

This document sets forth some of the key issues to consider when planning an initial public offering.

Going Public: Potential Liabilities of Directors and Officers

This memo describes (1) the potential liabilities facing directors and officers under the federal securities laws with respect to the IPO registration statement, and ways to mitigate the risk of such liabilities; and (2) the primary areas of increased potential liabilities that result from serving as a director of a public company, as compared to a private enterprise.

Sample Time & Responsibility Schedule

This detailed sample schedule sets forth the key activities, responsible parties and timeline for an initial public offering.


Perkins Coie Publications

IPO Handbook: A Guide for Entrepreneurs, Executives, Directors and Private Investors - Second Edition
(Merrill 2016)

An initial public offering is the realization of a dream for many entrepreneurs, executives, board members and stockholders, a singular achievement that demonstrates their success in building a strong business and creating value for owners, employees and customers. However, an initial public offering is not only a milestone, it is also the entrance into a new stage—life as a public company—that possesses its own unique opportunities, risks and challenges.

The Public Company Handbook: A Corporate Governance and Disclosure Guide for Directors and Executives
(Bowne 2011)

Perkins Coie's plain English guide to public company governance and disclosure requirements covers a wide range of important topics such as establishing "best practices" in the board room, complying with Regulations FD and G, setting up a Rule 10b5-1 Trading Plan, establishing an annual meeting/proxy calendar; understanding NYSE and Nasdaq requirements and guidelines, managing insider reporting obligations and trading restrictions for directors and executives, and more.

The Initial Public Offering Handbook: A Guide for Entrepreneurs, Executives, Directors and Private Investors 
(Merrill 2008)

This comprehensive guide to going public covers all the key aspects of the IPO process, including deciding whether to go public, selecting underwriters, assembling a public company board, understanding the SEC registration process, managing publicity and communications during an IPO, navigating the compliance requirements of life as a public company, and more.


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