Revised March 2017


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Perkins Coie's Privacy & Security practice maintains a comprehensive chart that summarizes state laws regarding security breach notification.  The chart is for informational purposes only and is intended as an aid in understanding each state's sometimes unique security breach notification requirements.  Lawyers, compliance professionals, and business owners have told us that the chart has been helpful when preparing for and responding to data breaches. 

Click here to download a fully searchable .pdf document containing information on each of the 47 states with security breach notification laws, D.C. and Puerto Rico.

To view the requirements for a specific state, click on the state name below.

*No legislation specifically pertaining to security breach notification. For entities doing business in Texas, see Texas law.

This chart is for informational purposes only.  It provides general information and not legal advice or opinions regarding specific facts.  For more information about security breach notification laws or other data security matters, please contact the Perkins Coie attorney with whom you work or: