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Accounting - Accounts Payable Annette Cobbs-Chrisostomo
Phone: 206.359.3735 Fax: 206.359.4735

Accounting - Accounts Receivable Michael Pocchiari
Phone: 206.359.6678 Fax: 206.359.7678

Advertising John Buchanan, Director of Marketing & Public Relations
Phone: 415.344.7122 Fax: 415.344.7322

Chief Executive Officer Robert Giles, Firmwide Managing Partner
Phone: 206.359.8536 Fax: 206.359.9000

Chief Financial Officer Rick Johnson
Phone: 206.359.8373 Fax: 206.359.9000   

Chief Information Officer Gavin Gray
Phone: 206.359.3936 Fax: 206.359.9000

Chief Operating Officer Steven Hedberg
Phone: 503.727.2005 Fax: 503.346.2005

Chief Personnel Officer Darrin Emerick
Phone: 206.359.8696 Fax: 206.359.9000

Director of Records Patrick Benedict
Phone: 312.324.8676 Fax: 312.324.9400   

Graphic Standards For Perkins Coie logo usage guidelines
Phone: 206.359.8290 Fax: 206.359.9000

Library Services Catherine Horan, Library Electronic Services Manager
Phone: 206.359.3474

Managing Partner Robert Giles
Phone: 206.359.8536 Fax: 206.359.9556   

Media Relations John Buchanan
Phone: 415.344.7122  Mobile: 510.290.9432 Fax: 415.344.7322  Email John

Office Contact Information

Pro Bono Leah Medway, Pro Bono Counsel
Phone: 206.359.3985 Fax: 206.359.9000   

Professional Standards Counsel Gail McMonagle
Phone: 206.359.6383 Fax: 206.359.9000

Recruiting - Lawyer Shelley Levine, Attorney Recruiting Manager

Recruiting - Staff For general inquiries regarding staff hiring

Seminars Linda Gordon
Phone: 206.359.8420 Fax: 206.359.9000

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