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Firmwide Chair, Labor & Employment Practice; Firmwide Chair, Retail & Consumer Products Group

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  • 12.27.2016
    When ‘Fraud’ Is Just Another Word For Disenfranchisement
    For years, “voter fraud” has been a conservative rallying cry, used to justify ever more demanding voter identification and registration requirements. Read the full article.
  • 11.04.2016
    $18 Million Fine Levied for Campaign Finance Violation in Washington State
    On November 3, 2016, a Thurston County Superior Court judge levied an $18 million penalty against a trade association for violations of Washington campaign finance laws.
  • 09.20.2016
    Seattle’s New Secure Scheduling Ordinance
    The Seattle City Council unanimously passed the Secure Scheduling Ordinance (Ordinance) on September 19, 2016.
  • 05.19.2016
    Defend Trade Secrets Act Contains New Immunity Notification Requirements for Employers
    The new Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA), signed into law by President Obama on May 11, 2016, creates a new private civil cause of action in federal court for trade secret misappropriation.
  • 03.03.2016
    New Law Increases Scrutiny for Importing Goods Made with Forced Labor
    The federal government took another step in the fight against human trafficking and forced labor.  President Obama signed into law on February 24, 2016, the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015 (TFTEA).
  • 05.18.2015
    General Publications
    Review of The Negotiator: Reflections of an American Life by George Mitchell.
  • 05.03.2015
    General Publications
    Review of Days of Rage: America’s Radical Underground, the FBI, and the Forgotten Act of Revolutionary Violence by Bryan Burrough.
  • 04.12.2015
    General Publications
    Review of Weed the People: The Future of Legal Marijuana in America by Bruce Barcott.
  • 01.04.2015
    General Publications
    Review of Outpost: Life on the Front Lines of American Diplomacy by Christopher Hill.
  • 12.28.2014
    General Publications
    Review of Napoleon: A Life by Andrew Roberts.
  • 11.01.2014
    General Publications
    Review of Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption by Bryan Stevenson.
  • 09.03.2014
    Patterson v. Domino’s Pizza, LLC: Franchisors Are Not Vicariously Liable as “Employers” or “Principals” for Their Franchisees’ Employees’ Workplace Conduct, California High Court Rules
    In a significant win for franchisors, the California Supreme Court ruled 4-3 that although Domino’s “imposes comprehensive and meticulous standards for marketing its trademarked brand and operating its franchises in a uniform way,” it cannot be held vicariously liable as an “employer” or “principal” in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by an employee of a Domino’s franchisee.
  • 08.17.2014
    General Publications
    Review of Indonesia Etc.: Exploring the Improbable Nation by Elizabeth Pisani.
  • 08.11.2014
    General Publications
    Review of Scalia: A Court of One by Bruce Allen Murphy.
  • 06.01.2014
    General Publications
    Review of The Good Spy: The Life and Death of Robert Ames by Kai Bird.
  • 03.30.2014
    General Publications
    Review of Little Demon in the City of Light by Steven Levingston.
  • 03.15.2014
    General Publications
    Review of The Martian by Andy Weir.
  • 11.24.2013
    General Publications
    Review of One Summer: America 1927 by Bill Bryson.
  • 11.03.2013
    General Publications
    Review of The Bully Pulpit: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and The Golden Age of Journalism by Doris Kearns Goodwin.
  • 08.11.2013
    General Publications
    Review of Lawrence in Arabia: War, Deceit, Imperial Folly and the Making of the Modern Middle East by Scott Anderson.
  • 07.22.2013
    General Publications
    Review of ‘The Terror Courts: Rough Justice at Guantanamo Bay’ by Jess Bravin.
  • 11.20.2012
    Supreme Court to Hear Another Case on Class Arbitration Waivers
    On November 9, 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to consider the enforceability of a class action waiver clause in agreements between American Express and merchants that accepted its cards. The merchants filed a proposed class action suit against Amex, alleging that its “Honor All Cards” policy—which required stores to accept Amex’s charge cards as well as its credit cards—violated federal antitrust law.
  • 04.29.2012
    General Publications
    Review of 'What Money Can't Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets' by Michael J. Sandel.
  • 04.25.2012
    General Publications

    The Ohio Dispatch

  • 04.22.2012
    General Publications
    Review of Paris, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down by Rosecrans Baldwin.
  • 04.10.2012
    Alert: Apple's Supply Chain Fair Labor Report
    In the wake of the recent negative publicity deluge, including a segment on a national newsmagazine show, alleging labor violations including the use of child labor, safety violations and unfair pay practices, late last week Apple released a third-party report detailing problems and proposed solutions at one of its largest suppliers.
  • 01.30.2012
    General Publications
    Review of Roger Williams and the Creation of the American Soul by John M. Barry.
  • 11.01.2011
    Top Ten Employment "Potholes" to Avoid in California
    California, standing alone, has the eighth largest economy in the world, with a gross state product of nearly $2 trillion in 2010. It is no surprise that the state is an irresistible market for many leading (and emerging) companies with significant workforce populations. But California is also one of the most perilous jurisdictions for employers, featuring a harsh, unforgiving and sometimes unexpectedly quirky regulatory environment, all enforced by a large population of zealous plaintiffs’ lawyers. Doing business in California can be perilous indeed.
  • 07.19.2011
    Federal Reserve Board's Final Rule Implementing the “Durbin Interchange Amendment” to the Dodd–Frank Act
    On October 1, 2011 a new Federal Reserve Board Final Rule implementing the “Durbin Interchange Amendment” to the Dodd-Frank Act will go into effect.
  • 06.21.2011
    Supreme Court Tightens The Rules for Employment Class Actions
    The U.S. Supreme Court issued its opinion in the long-awaited Wal-Mart v. Dukes decision yesterday. The Court's decision is good news for employers as it will make it more difficult for plaintiffs to pursue large class actions against employers.
  • 06.11.2011
    General Publications
    Review of Clarence Darrow: Attorney for the Damned by John A. Farrell.
  • 05.21.2011
    General Publications
    Review of The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris by David McCullough.
  • 01.08.2011
    General Publications
    Review of The Fall of the House of Zeus: The Rise and Ruin of America's Most Powerful Trial Lawyer by Curtis Wilkie.
  • 12.27.2010
    General Publications
    Review of Colonel Roosevelt, by Edmund Morris.
  • 06.13.2017
    2017 Labor & Employment Law Workshop
    Our annual employment law workshop covering multiple topics.
  • 06.09.2016
    2016 Labor & Employment Law Workshop
    Discussion of recent developments in federal and state employment legislation and case law, noncompete agreements and protecting proprietary information, and discipline and discharge of employees.
  • 06.25.2015
    2015 Employment Law Workshop
    Topics discussed include recent NLRB rulings, guidelines for employee handbooks, wage and hour and leave and accommodation issues and a general update on the latest employment law developments.
  • 07.07.2014
    Speaking Engagements
    Williams & Mary Law School / Williamsburg, VA
  • 05.06.2014
    Speaking Engagements
    American Constitutional Society / Seattle, WA
  • 11.03.2012
    Speaking Engagements
    ABA Labor & Employment Law Conference / Atlanta, GA
  • 06.05.2012
    2012 Employment Law Workshop
    Advanced Issues in Employee Leave Law / Bellevue, WA
  • 05.19.2011
    Speaking Engagements
    National Employment Law Institute (NELI) / San Francisco, CA
  • 05.16.2011
    Speaking Engagements
    American Law Institute (ALI) Election Law Project / San Francisco, CA
  • 10.18.2010
    Speaking Engagements
    Perkins Coie / Seattle, WA
    Book launch of a behind-the-scenes look into the historic Franken-Coleman Minnesota Senate recount.
  • 08.26.2010
    Speaking Engagements
    National Employment Law Institute (NELI) / San Francisco, CA
  • 06.08.2010
    Speaking Engagements
    Washington State Bar Association Corporate Counsel Section / Seattle, WA
  • 05.19.2010
  • 05.13.2010
    Speaking Engagements
    National Employment Law Institute (NELI) / San Francisco, CA
  • 04.13.2010
    Speaking Engagements
    Lorman Education Services / Seattle, WA
  • 03.21.2010 - 03.23.2010
    Speaking Engagements
    National Employment Law Institute (NELI) / Las Vegas, NV
  • 02.23.2010
    Speaking Engagements
    ACLU Law & Liberty CLE / Seattle, WA
  • 01.25.2010
    Speaking Engagements
    Georgetown University Law School / Washington, D.C.
  • 10.30.2009
    Speaking Engagements
    2009 Labour, Employment and Human Rights Seminar / Vancouver, B.C.
  • 09.24.2009
    Speaking Engagements
    Yale University Law School / New Haven, CT
  • 09.10.2009 - 09.12.2009
    Speaking Engagements
    6th Annual Conference, Canadian Association of Counsel to Employers (CACE) / Chicago, IL
  • 08.27.2009 - 08.28.2009
    Speaking Engagements
    National Employment Law Institute (NELI) / San Francisco, CA
  • 07.16.2009 - 07.17.2009
    Speaking Engagements
    NELI (National Employment Law Institute) / San Francisco, CA


Areas of Focus

Bar and Court Admissions

  • Washington

  • U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

  • U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Washington

  • U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington

  • Supreme Court of the United States


  • Georgetown University Law Center, J.D.,
    magna cum laude
    , 1985,
    Editor-in-Chief, Georgetown Law Journal
  • University of Washington, B.A., Political Science,
    cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa
    , 1980


  • French