Professional Biography

Jason Schneiderman Partner

  • Palo Alto

    D +1.650.838.4333

    F +1.650.838.4533

    Palo Alto

    3150 Porter Drive

    Palo Alto, CA






Corporate Finance

EscapeHomes Inc. (Online Real Estate Search and Vacation Homes)

Represented EscapeHomes in a Series B financing.

Market Wire Inc. (Media/Press Release Distribution)

Represented Market Wire Inc. in Series C and Series D financings.

PortAuthority Technology Inc. (Information Lead Prevention and Data Security)

Represented PortAuthority in a Series D financing.

Right90 Inc. (Enterprise Software for Sale Forecasting and Business Planning)

Represented Right90 Inc. in Series A and Bridge financings.

Travelpost Inc. (Online Travel Search and Hotel Reviews)

Represented Travelpost in Series A, bridge and debt financings.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Merger with Akamai Technologies Inc.

Represented Red Swoosh Inc. in its merger with Akamai Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: AKAM).

Merger with Cisco Systems Inc.

Represented M.I. Secure Inc. in its merger with Cisco Systems Inc. (NASDQ: CSCO)

Merger with Rockwell Collins Inc.

Represented Anzus Inc. in its merger with Rockwell Collins Inc. (NYSE: COL)

Merger with SideStep Inc.

Represented Inc. in its merger with SideStep Inc.

Merger with TotalMove Inc.

Represented EscapeHomes Inc. in its merger with TotalMove Inc.

Purchase of Thermal Technology Inc.

Represented Inteco, LLC in the purchase of Thermal Technology Inc.

Sale of Hampton-Brown Company

Representation of The Hampton-Brown Company in its sale to The National Geographic Society.

Sale of PortAuthority Technologies Inc.

Represented PortAuthority Technologies Inc. in its merger with Websense Inc. (Nasdaq: WBSN).