Perkins Coie business litigators understand the value of avoiding or preventing a fight and have the tools and first-chair experience to win if negotiations fail. Our business-minded, client-centric litigation services are comprehensive in these areas:

Perkins Coie has litigated and prevailed on behalf of plaintiffs, defendants, claimants and respondents in sophisticated disputes in federal and state courts throughout the country and in a wide variety of arbitration forums. Even as trials have become increasingly rare, Perkins Coie’s business litigators have tried more than 60 cases since 2016, and have handled numerous arbitrations across the country and internationally to achieve critical client victories.

Our deep litigation bench, which includes 16 Fellows of the prestigious American College of Trial Lawyers, litigates claims and disputes related to all forms of agreements or contract rights between individuals, shareholders, corporations, partnerships or LLCs; business torts, including prosecution or defense of interference with contract rights, fraud, unfair competition and misappropriation of trade secrets; infringement of copyrights and other intellectual property rights; negligent misrepresentation; civil conspiracy; and federal or state regulatory violations.

Cognizant that the majority of business disputes are resolved via motion or negotiated settlement before trial, we use our significant real-world courtroom experience to help clients achieve better case resolutions earlier and dramatically reduce litigation expenses.

Business Advice and Pre-Dispute Counseling

Avoidance of a protracted dispute often serves our clients’ best interests. And where avoidance is not possible, we help our clients thoroughly prepare for the fight. Our focus on the front end of commercial transactions and during the nascent stage of potential conflicts includes the following:

  • Drafting contract provisions for indemnification, venue, choice of law, forum selection and alternative dispute resolution
  • Training on the attorney-client privilege, attorney work-product doctrine, document retention policies and litigation holds
  • Assisting with early advice on document management and strategies for addressing potential e-discovery requests
  • Responding to letters from opposing parties on potentially emerging disputes
  • Strategizing and counseling prior to a dispute
  • Preparing and responding to demand letters
  • Assisting with drafting and implementing litigation hold messages for document collection
  • Developing pre-litigation ADR measures
  • Leading internal investigation of potential civil/regulatory violations

Active Litigation Advice and Advocacy

Preparation is a cornerstone of our counsel, whether our clients find themselves in the earliest stages of a potential dispute or need first-chair, proven trial excellence and litigation depth to prosecute or defend full-blown litigation.

Drawing upon firmwide resources as appropriate, we offer a highly effective litigation risk assessment to help clients achieve better case resolutions early and we provide a range of approaches to mitigate and manage litigation claims and threats, including the following:

  • Emergency motions for temporary restraining orders (TROs) and preliminary injunctions
  • Arbitration demands and complaints for damages and/or injunctive relief
  • Litigation claims investigation and analysis
  • Litigation holds and document management
  • Compliance with federal, state, administrative and arbitral tribunal litigation orders
  • Witness depositions: taking, defending and preparing witnesses for depositions and evidentiary hearings
  • Rule 30(b)(6) corporate representative witness depositions
  • Expert witness reports and testimony development, as well as opposing expert witness depositions
  • Motions to dispose of some or all claims
  • Pre-trial mediation
  • Development of litigation graphics and visual aides
  • Pre-trial case and witness preparation
  • Mock trials and focus groups
  • Juror interviews/voir dire, jury selection and jury trials in federal, state and tribal court
  • Bench trials in federal, state and tribal court
  • Administrative proceedings before federal and state agencies
  • Arbitrations before JAMS, AAA or other agreed-upon, third-party neutrals
  • Post-trial strategies, counsel, briefing and mediation

Non-Party/Third-Party Litigation

When clients find themselves involved as a non-party to a lawsuit or agency investigation, we offer full guidance at every juncture, including responding to third-party subpoenas; managing document production in response to third-party subpoenas; and preparing witnesses for non-party depositions pursuant to third-party subpoenas.