In 2018, Law360 recognized appellate practitioners at Perkins Coie LLP as the appellate "Practice Group of the Year," and in 2019, the group was named to the “Appellate Hot List” by The National Law Journal.

Providing Practice Breadth and Depth

In 2019, Perkins Coie attorneys handled over 275 appeals with 65 oral arguments in federal and state appellate courts. We have represented a broad range of clients in appeals in those forums, including Fortune 50 corporations, government entities, political candidates, individuals, and nonprofit organizations. Our clients’ cases ranged from voting rights disputes to product liability and privacy matters, insurance, tax, patent proceedings, and more.

Perkins Coie is especially experienced in the U.S. Courts of Appeal for the Seventh, Ninth, and Federal Circuits, as well as the state supreme courts of Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Illinois.

More Than Just Appeals

Briefing and arguing appeals represents only a fraction of the work by the appellate team. It is not a purely “appellate” practice. Our seasoned attorneys have refined essential skills including identifying issues, crafting strategy, and providing superior research and writing in lower courts. We deliver excellence in research, analysis, and writing at every level, especially in the most difficult cases where the stakes are the highest.

Perkins Coie’s appellate ranks include several former U.S. Supreme Court clerks as well as numerous former law clerks from other levels of the judiciary.

Winning Focus on Writing

The leaders of the appellate practice are committed to mentoring and training in best practices from leading instructional sources that produces the highest quality research, analysis, and writing.

Amicus and Special Project Counsel

Perkins Coie maintains an active amicus practice that provides our clients the opportunity to weigh in on important issues and shape the law in appeals involving other parties. In addition, our appellate lawyers assist our clients with special projects such as position papers, comments on proposed statutes and regulations, and analyses of recent changes in law.

Our commitment to innovation in written presentations makes our submissions stand out.