Attorney Publications

Perkins Coie is pleased to announce the publication of a new edition of the Executive Compensation Disclosure Handbook: A Practical Guide to the SEC's Executive Compensation Disclosure Rules, a publication written by Perkins Coie attorneys and published by RR Donnelley.

The Executive Compensation Disclosure Handbook is a comprehensive guide to help public company management, directors and general counsel navigate the SEC's requirements for public company disclosure and reporting of executive officer and director compensation, and related issues. The revised edition of the Handbook offers practical advice—explained in plain English—to help companies understand and comply with all the currently applicable compensation disclosure requirements and related issues under SEC rules and interpretive guidance through May 2010. The Handbook also functions as a complete sourcebook for these issues by including copies of all the applicable SEC rules, Compliance and Disclosure Interpretations and Adopting Releases, as well as useful supplemental materials.

How to Obtain the Revised Executive Compensation Disclosure Handbook

You can download a soft copy of the revised edition of the Executive Compensation Disclosure Handbook from the RR Donnelley.  You may request a hard copy of the Handbook by contacting Tony Halada.

Additional Information

You can find discussions of new SEC rules and guidance and of other recent cases, laws, regulations and rule proposals of interest to public companies on our website.