As the coronavirus pandemic plunges economies around the world into uncertainty, we are working collaboratively with one another and our clients to adapt quickly to unprecedented challenges in our workplaces and personal lives.

Through these trying times, one thing is certain and that is our unwavering commitment to our clients and our communities. 

We are focused on assisting businesses faced with legal and operational issues arising from the coronavirus pandemic. Our cross-practice team of attorneys from across the United States and China are working together to ensure our clients’ concerns related to labor and employment, insurance, truth-in-advertising, supply chain, real estate, anti-corruption, M&A, and other areas are promptly addressed with high-quality legal counsel.

Task Force

The firm has developed a multidisciplinary Task Force to assist our clients with a wide range of regulatory, transactional, and litigation issues related to COVID-19. Our attorneys are working together to advise clients on short-term responses as well as long-term strategies for dealing with the effects of COVID-19 on their businesses. Please feel free to contact our Task Force members with questions or concerns or contact your attorney directly.  View Task Force >


Below is a wide range of content pertaining to COVID-19 and its effect on businesses. Relevant timely resources are being developed regularly by attorneys in our practice and industry groups. Please see the information below, grouped by topic, and contact us if you have further questions. 


The CARES Act is an approximately $2 trillion relief measure to address the COVID-19 pandemic and economic fallout. 

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Contracts & Force Majeure

With the escalating economic turmoil created by COVID-19, companies are scrutinizing the force majeure provisions in their contracts.

Construction, Real Estate and Land Use & Environmental

Information for employers, contractors, developers, landlords, owners, tenants, and lenders in the wake of COVID-19.

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Corporate & Business Operations

Assisting businesses faced with legal and operational issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Video Series

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Government Contracts, Regulatory & Tax

Practical considerations and tips related to COVID-19 for government contracts, tax and regulatory compliance.

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Healthcare & FDA

Information on the implications of COVID-19 on the FDA and healthcare industry. 

Insurance Recovery

Information to help you protect your business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Labor & Employment

Practical considerations and tips related to COVID-19 for U.S. employers.

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Remote Depositions & Mediation

Information to help you navigate remote depositions and mediation for the pandemic and beyond.

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Publications, Presentations & Blogs

COVID-19 Case Tracking Research

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Highlighting the impact of COVID-19 on case filings, this report follows CourthouseNews (CNS) to track cases filed in 2,613 state and 148 federal courts. This research outlines current trends and points to cases that substantively involve COVID-19-specific claims.



 Mediating During The Pandemic

The Litigators' Take

A Neutral's Take - A Conversation with David Geronemus of JAMS in New York City

A Neutral's Take - A Conversation with Judge Andersen of JAMS in Chicago

A Neutral's Take - A Conversation with Judge Segal of Signature Resolution in Los Angeles

Insurance Considerations Amid COVID-19

One Size Does Not Fit All - Retail Responds to COVID-19

Is My Company Going to Survive COVID-19? Perspectives from a Bankruptcy and Restructuring Lawyer (plus insurance!)

Does COVID-19 Cause Property Damage: Let’s Talk to a Doc!

Reopening During a Pandemic: Understanding COVID-19-Related Labor & Employment Challenges For Businesses and Insurance

Who Are All These People Involved in My Claim? Thoughts From a Claim Preparer

What’s Happening With Business Interruption Claims?

Making Claims and Renewing Policies from Home?!

COVID-19 Related Eviction and Foreclosure Orders/Guidance 50-State Tracker
A 50-state survey of orders and guidance concerning evictions and foreclosures with links to state resources. 

Frequently Asked Employment Questions Regarding COVID-19
Perkins Coie Labor & Employment attorneys address frequently asked questions (FAQs) from U.S. employers relating to COVID-19 and developments in employment law.