In today's business climate, technology and intellectual property rights are a top priority. We help the most exciting companies in the world launch their cutting-edge products and services in an increasingly complex and demanding legal and regulatory environment.

To stay on top, companies need to be nimble and fast. Our Product Counsel lawyers have advised public, private and startup company clients on hundreds of product launches. In addition to law and technology, we have a deep understanding of business operations; subsequently, many of our clients rely on us to work directly with their internal business units, from engineering, product management and client services to advertising, marketing and communications.

Areas of Focus


Whether working with clients that strictly operate in the digital space or those that blur the lines between e-commerce and traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, our team has the experience and depth to provide guidance on the full range of legal issues that come into play during the conception, development and implementation of a new product or service.

We provide advice related to privacy and data protection, payment systems, online advertising, biometrics, political advertising, mapping technologies, marketplace apps, fiber optic cables, text messaging services, gaming consoles, online pharmacies, voice chat integration and social media services, to name a few.

Anticipating and guarding against legal risks facing our clients, we keep in-house legal teams and their business units compliant with U.S. and international laws and regulations by helping them circumvent problems while ensuring they remain up to date on new regulations. Our clients look to us to analyze legal and policy issues and recommend policies and positions in connection with the same. Our clients also engage us to help ensure that their internal standard operating and related procedures and guidelines are current, accurate, complete and audited at least annually.

If the need arises, we have a team of product liability litigators who can provide guidance and defense to clients, manufacturers and vendors against liability claims in court.