Perkins Coie’s Commercial Finance practice attorneys represent lenders and borrowers in a wide range of complex commercial lending transactions.

Our experience encompasses a variety of industries, including agriculture, energy, fisheries and maritime, forest products and timber, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, technology, telecommunications, cable and venture funds. We also have worked with loans secured by different types of collateral, including crops, maritime vessels and fishing rights, timber, real property, investment property, intellectual property, accounts and inventory.

Our attorneys have assisted clients with the following:

  • Secured and unsecured loans
  • Revolving credit facilities
  • Term loans
  • Equipment loans
  • Syndicated and participated loans
  • Asset-based loans
  • Mezzanine loans
  • Commercial real estate loans
  • Letters of credit
  • Commercial paper transactions
  • Municipal bonds
  • Real estate securitization
  • Structured finance/financial asset securitization
  • Public finance

In addition, we have represented lenders and borrowers in negotiations and workouts involving troubled loans. Because we work with both lenders and borrowers, we understand and appreciate the perspective of all parties involved and can focus on the critical areas of importance while anticipating the other party's "hot buttons.” This perspective enables us to draft and negotiate documents in an efficient, cost-effective manner that is beneficial to all parties.