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Perkins Coie, representing CTIA - The Wireless Association, enjoined Puerto Rico in the U.S. District Court for the District of Puerto Rico from enforcing a law that would have required pre-paid mobile phone providers to collect subscriber information and submit it to a government agency - the Telecommunications Regulatory Board of Puerto Rico - so that the Board could maintain a registry of pre-paid mobile phone users. The SCA prohibits disclosure of subscriber information to a governmental entity without legal process with few exceptions. The court invalidated the entire law, including an obligation imposed upon mobile phone consumers to register their own prepaid devices with the Board. The court struck down the law as preempted by the Stored Communications Act and therefore unconstitutional. Read the Court's order and the Magistrate's Report and Recommendations upon which it is based. The Perkins Coie's team, representing CTIA - The Wireless Association, was led by Todd Hinnen and John Roche.