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James Valentine and Michelle Le Biavant were quoted in The Recorder and Corporate Counsel article, "Adobe Pairs With Firms for Split-Summer 1L Diversity Internship," regarding Perkins Coie and Adobe's new collaborative intern program.

“We had to build the program from the ground up, in terms of everything from laying the groundwork, what the split [in time] would be when they were with Perkins and Adobe,” said Michelle. “We were side by side having weekly calls about figuring out all of the details. [We] pooled our resources to come up with branding and marketing for the program.”

Jim said the teamwork of putting together a program with Adobe “deepened the relationship, which was fairly deep to begin with.” He and Michelle also said the firm has received positive feedback from other clients impressed with the program. Some have indicated they’d be interested in having a similar program with the firm, though nothing has formalized yet.

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