General News

Brian Potts was quoted in The Baraboo News Republic article, “Conservationists Appeal Federal Ruling In Sauk Prairie Rec. Area Lawsuit,” regarding the groups appeal of a federal judge’s decision to allow “high-impact” recreation at the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area during a pending lawsuit challenging state and federal agencies’ management of the property.

“We think the district judge was wrong not to issue the injunction under the legal standards that apply,” said SPCA attorney Brian Potts. “Our argument shows fairly conclusively that we will prevail on the merits, and that there will be irreparable harm.”

Potts said the hearing has the potential to influence injunction rulings across state lines.

“The wheels of justice move slowly, but I think that the fact that they are allowing oral arguments and have allotted so much time to it, bodes well for us,” Potts said. “This court is a big deal, so whatever they decide could impact how injunctions are issued and these types of issues are resolved in multiple states.”