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Bob Bauer was quoted in the NBC News article, "Obama Election Commission Chair: Trump Fraud Panel a ‘Calamitous Failure’," and The Hill article, "Obama election commission leader gives Trump voter fraud panel an 'F'," regarding President Trump's voter fraud commission.

"F at the beginning, F all along, F now. It's an F enterprise," said Bob Bauer, a Democrat who served as the co-chairman of President Barack Obama's presidential election commission in 2013 and 2014.

Bauer, a Democrat who also served as Obama’s White House Counsel, said Trump’s voter fraud commission “was destined to be a calamitous failure.”

"It was simply affected from the very beginning by partisan design and partisan leadership,” he said.

Bauer questioned whether Trump’s commission, which has been riddled with controversy and multiple lawsuits, will recover. "I don't see any way that it will burrow out of this hole," said Bauer. "I don't see how something designed so cynically can pull together in the end."