Speaking Engagements


Hawaii Tax Institute

Honolulu, HI
10:45 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Block Chain and Cryptocurrency Technology, Virtual Currency and Tokenized Digital Asset; Innovation and Technology that Will Affect Every Wealth Transfer Advisor’s Practice and Clients, Yet They Don’t Even Know It’s Coming
Dax Hansen – Panelist


Blockchain: A Primer on Risk and Insurance Implications

Seattle, WA

Most commonly known as the technology behind crypto-currencies, blockchain is emerging as a tool that will facilitate coordination and achieve efficiencies across numerous industries Blockchain is a digital ledger that allows parties to a business transaction to interact directly without the need for middlemen. Given that everyone can see the blockchain, one of its most distinctive features is transparency. It also is considered highly accurate and secure, given its encryption protocols, among other things. But, as an emerging technology, questions about the risks of blockchain remain. Most obvious are cyber security threats from hackers, which could have profound consequences. Concerns have been raised about data privacy and regulatory uncertainty, among other things. This panel will provide a comprehensive overview the emerging benefits and risks of blockchain technology and how any company using or considering using blockchain technology can mitigate or control those risks through an appropriate insurance program.

Moderator: Robert Jacobs - Perkins Coie
Laurie Rosini - Perkins Coie
Eric Long – ABD Insurance & Financial Services
Nick Vainisi – The Claro Group


Past Events


Association of Corporate Counsel – Arizona Chapter
Blockchain 101
Perkins Coie partner J Cabou and associate Josh Boehm explain cutting-edge blockchain technology applications across a variety of fields, including finance, healthcare, trade, energy and real estate. Drawing on Perkins Coie’s market leading expertise in blockchain technology, J and Josh focus specifically on how blockchain can help companies develop innovative software protocols, raise capital, digitize and track assets, reduce operational costs, and enhance data security.

10.28.2017 - 10.31.2017

COALA Workshop – Stetson Edition
Sponsoring and speaking / Florida

10.22.2017 - 10.25.2017

Money 20/20
Presentation: Investor Perspectives on the Globalization of FinTech
Dax Hansen - Moderator 

10.18.2017 - 10.20.2017

1st Annual FinTech Week
Georgetown University Law Center / Washington, D.C.

10.02.2017 - 10.06.2017

Seattle Startup Week
Perkins Coie /  Seattle, WA
The presentation provided an overview of key challenges and opportunities presented by blockchain tokens and tokenization, with a focus on the current regulatory landscape applied to token sales.

10.02.2017 - 10.03.2017 UC Berkeley - CryptoEconomics Conference
University of California, Berkeley / Berkeley, CA 94720

09.27.2017 Seattle Angel Fund Speaker Series
Seattle, WA


ICOs: Regulatory Analysis by Jurisdictions Worldwide
Presented by: Sarah Hody, Angela Chartrand, Neal Reiter and Marco Santori.

 09.16.2017 The Token Sale Summit

Dax Hansen is one of the featured speakers.

08.23.2017 DC Blockchain Center
Washington, D.C.

Jacob Farber – Key Note Speaker

08.22.2017 Fintech Week – Blockchain Regulatory Panel
New York, NY

Dana Syracuse – Panelist