"Our goal is to delight the world's beer drinkers."
 - SAM WALKER, Global Chief People & Legal Officer, Molson Coors

To Molson Coors, delighting the customer is more than just producing great-tasting beers. It’s the total customer service experience. That’s why the people at Molson Coors are just as focused on ingredient sourcing, packaging, and building great brands as they are on brewing great tasting beers. It’s both process and product, and they are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality in both. At Perkins Coie we’re as committed to delighting our clients as Molson Coors is to ensuring complete customer satisfaction.  

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Sam brings extensive experience to his position as global chief people and legal officer at Molson Coors, an expanded role he assumed in January 2012. He previously served as vice president and global chief legal officer at Molson Coors since 2005 and, prior to that, US & worldwide chief legal officer and group vice president at Coors Brewing Company since 2002.

He also brings government experience to his role, having run the Employment Standards Administration, the largest agency in the US Department of Labor. He held a sub-cabinet position in the US Department of Education and served as Assistant Clearance Counsel during the 2000 presidential transition.