Who is the target audience for Le[a]dBetter® services?

The target audience for legal services under the Le[a]dBetter® program are emerging companies with at least one woman founder or woman in a senior leadership role.

Are startups that are led by men or that have more men in their C-suite than women able to benefit from the support provided to Le[a]dBetter® startups?

Yes, men who lead startups are welcome to participate in the program. Executives at qualifying startups that are led by men or women and include at least one woman in a senior leadership role are eligible to receive the discount on legal services and attend Le[a]dBetter® networking and educational events. The program is designed so both men and women can benefit.

How do I start the qualification process?

Click here to provide details about your company that will enable us to determine eligibility. Please note that the fact that your company may have at least one woman in a senior leadership position does not automatically qualify your company for inclusion in the Le[a]dBetter® program. Before establishing an attorney-client relationship under the Le[a]dBetter® program, we will need to run a thorough conflicts background check to identify possible issues, such as determining if any adverse party relationships exist with our current clients. If a conflict does exist, it must be cleared and/or the appropriate waivers obtained. If it cannot be cleared, the company is not eligible for services under Le[a]dBetter®. If clearances are obtained, Perkins Coie and the company or individual will need to agree to such a relationship in an engagement letter. Eligibility is determined at the discretion of Perkins Coie.

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