For all of its benefits, AI poses a wide range of legal risks and ethical issues.

Our interdisciplinary team of AI, Machine Learning & Robotics attorneys hosted AI Week October 5-9, 2020. During a series of podcasts and CLE webinars, we discussed key issues related to the many benefits and regulatory challenges associated with enterprise AI integration and deployment.

AI Week Webinars

Webinar details, recordings, and presentations are below.

Algorithmic Bias and Data Visualization

Machine learning has enabled significant advancements in AI, but it is not possible to train machine learning models without vast amounts of high-quality data. Bias in a training data set—whether inherent in the data or introduced into the training data set—will result in a machine learning model that reflects that bias.

This webinar explores the risks of inadvertent algorithmic bias and strategies for addressing legal issues surrounding the use of data to train machines.


Dean Harvey


Evaluating and Resolving Challenges at the Intersection of Standard-Setting and Fast-Developing Technology

In this webinar, partner David St. John-Larkin is joined by Jill Bowman, associate general counsel of Intel. They examine how AI is helping the autonomous vehicle industry evaluate and resolve standard-setting challenges and how engineers are using AI to build safe, scalable self-driving cars as vehicle autonomy innovations continue to evolve.


David St. John-Larkin
Jill Hubbard Bowman


Emerging Copyright, Trade Secret, and Trademark Issues in AI

This webinar focuses on non-patent intellectual property, including a discussion of copyright, trade secret, and trademark issues that we expect to see arise in the coming years. Special attention is paid to IP issues surrounding the use of data and content to train machine learning algorithms.


John Gray
Lisa Oratz


Staking Your Claim to AI Innovations

Patents were established to protect innovations, and novelty is the root of innovation. In this presentation, patent professionals at Perkins Coie discuss best approaches to patenting AI, as well as factors and challenges that are commonly encountered when seeking patent protection for AI innovations.


Michael Glenn
David St. John-Larkin


When the Machine Knows Who You Are: How the Law Is Responding to a Biometric Revolution

This webinar explores the legal landscape that governs biometric technologies and the latest biometric solutions to global challenges, such as COVID-19. We examine the legal pitfalls that every company using or developing biometric technologies should consider, as well as regulatory and litigation trends and insights.


Deb Bernard
Susan Fahringer
Nicola Menaldo
Ryan Spear


A Conversation About Algorithms and Inequality

In this discussion, partner Dominique Shelton Leipzig sat down with Cathy O'Neil, data scientist and New York Times best-selling author of Weapons of Math Destruction, to discuss some of the algorithmic forces creating greater inequalities in economics, healthcare, and social justice. They examine how external oversight can incentivize companies to improve privacy and avoid deceptive practices, and how updating existing civic rights-oriented legislation to encompass computerized algorithms may help create systems that offer liberty and justice for all.

Dominique Shelton Leipzig
Cathy O'Neil


AI, COVID-19, and Privacy: The Gateway to the Future or the Path to Pitfalls?

Voluminous amounts of COVID-19-related health data are being collected, raising questions of how privacy rights may be affected as AI is used to train machine learning models. In this webinar, privacy and security partner Dominique Shelton Leipzig and special guest Rachel Nico of Intel explore privacy implications of the use of AI in coronavirus-related healthcare and life sciences solutions.


Dominique Shelton Leipzig
Rachel Nico


Hot Topics and Legal Trends in AI and Advertising

Customers today expect services and products to be personalized and relevant, which makes AI and machine learning in advertising even more important. Our presenters explore hot privacy and AI data issues in advertising to help businesses avoid getting tripped up by the ever-growing list of privacy laws.


Meredith Halama
Varsha Mangal
Nicola Menaldo
Elizabeth Mendoza


Use of AI in Financial Services

This webinar explores how AI is being used in asset management and by regulated financial services intermediaries, including funds, investment advisers, broker-dealers, and exchanges. Our presenters cover the current state of affairs, what to expect in the future, regulatory trends, and best practices.


Val Dahiya
Gwen Williamson


AI in Hiring: Legal and Ethical Considerations

AI has the power to reduce or heighten unlawful discrimination in hiring and other employment practices. This webinar examines how the use of biased inputs when training machines can create artificial barriers to equal employment opportunities and adverse impacts on protected groups. We also explore best practices when creating hiring frameworks that identify and address discriminatory intent related to the use of AI.


Heather Sager
Linda Walton


Combating Bias in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Healthcare.


AI Speaks Podcast

AI Speaks

Our AI attorneys and other thought leaders discuss a range of timely topics and provide valuable insights on how Artificial Intelligence is affecting key industries. Subscribe to AI Speaks and other Perkins Coie podcasts via your favorite podcast platform.



Building Immersive Worlds Using AI

In this episode, Jason Schneiderman, Perkin’s Coie’s AR/VR Industry group chair, sits down with Ryan Horrigan, co-founder of Artie, a platform for building intelligent next-gen mobile games, to discuss how the company uses AI with voice, texting, and camera input to build more personalized and immersive gameplay. They also discuss how strategic legal guidance has helped the company find solutions and eliminate challenging barriers to growth.

Listen to "Building Immersive Worlds Using AI - Episode 1" on Spreaker.


The Use of AI in Healthcare

In this AI Speaks podcast episode, Perkins Coie Senior Counsel James Ray sits down with Belinda Luu, Leader of Enterprise Data Management and Governance - Senior Counsel at Kaiser Permanente, to discuss the use of AI in healthcare, including where AI has been beneficial and the challenges and ethical concerns with its use.

Listen to "The Use of AI in Healthcare - Episode 2" on Spreaker.


Insurance Considerations: AI and the Internet of Things!

In this AI Speaks podcast episode, Partners Jim Davis and Brad Dlatt sit down with special guest expert Ruth Kochenderfer of Marsh USA to talk about the impact that AI and the internet of things is having on the insurance industry, the drafting of insurance policies, and privacy protections.

Listen to "Insurance Considerations: AI and the Internet of Things! - Episode 3" on Spreaker.


How AI Is Changing How Content Is Made and Stories Are Told

In this episode, Perkins Coie Partner Eric Greenberg sits down with Lori Schwartz, founder of StoryTech, to discuss the way AI is changing the production of content, why those changes are even more relevant in a Covid-19 world, and how AI is changing immersive and interactive storytelling by blurring the lines between games and stories.

Listen to "How AI Is Changing How Content Is Made and Stories Are Told - Episode 4" on Spreaker.


The Harvesting of Data Through AI by Asset Managers and Broker-Dealers

In this episode, Investment Management practice Partners Todd Zerega and Valerie Dahiya sit down with Dean Harvey, AI Group co-chair, to discuss how AI is being used in asset management and by regulated financial services intermediaries including, funds, investment advisers, broker-dealers, and exchanges. This discussion will cover the current state of affairs, what to expect in the future, regulatory trends, and best practices.

Listen to "The Harvesting of Data Through AI by Asset Managers and Broker-Dealers - Episode 5" on Spreaker.


Legal Implications of AI: Licensing AI Solutions

In this episode, Perkins Coie partner and AI group Vice-chair Sam Jo will be joined by his associate, Sarah Konz, as they explore the constituent components of AI/ML development/training/licensing. They also discuss how to apply traditional copyright/software and know-how licensing principles to AI/ML technology.

Listen to "Legal Implications of AI: Licensing AI Solutions - Episode 6" on Spreaker.