At Perkins Coie, holistic client service means more than superior legal advice. It means innovative legal-ops solutions. It means careful listening. It means more efficient, effective legal services.

By engaging our firm’s seasoned business professionals alongside the legal team, we help clients drive efficiency, address a broad range of legal operations and business challenges, and stay a step ahead of trends in legal services. We collaborate with our clients across the full spectrum of operations functions to solve problems, optimize the delivery of legal services and bring greater value to the law firm-client partnership.

We call this the Perkins Coie Client Advantage.

Powerful Relationships, Innovative Solutions

Perkins Coie’s exceptionally strong client relationships afford us a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses—including the challenges they face in the management and delivery of legal services. We pair this knowledge with our business professionals’ extensive experience and our firm’s innovative tools – backed by careful listening and close collaboration – to help clients address business concerns and operational challenges.

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals brings decades of experience spanning a broad range of business and legal support disciplines.

Holistic Capabilities

Our Client Advantage capabilities include:

  • Technology
  • Reporting
  • Pricing
  • Billing
  • Legal Project Management
  • Training
  • Recruiting
  • Diversity
  • Knowledge Management
  • Professional Development
  • Community Involvement

Our Client Advantage professionals serve as an extension of the Perkins Coie legal team, working in close collaboration to ensure the delivery of coordinated, practical solutions tailored to our clients’ specific business needs. Along with our lawyers, these professionals share a commitment to unconventional thinking and the pursuit of innovative solutions that build business value for our clients.

Proven Results

As corporate legal departments have pivoted toward optimizing operations and delivering value along with favorable legal outcomes, Perkins Coie Client Advantage has proven an invaluable resource to in-house lawyers and business professionals alike. Here’s a sampling of the feedback our team has received:

"It's great to have such experienced thought leaders at one of our most important firms. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with you all to push the envelope in client-firm relationships. Thanks as always for all your hard work on our behalf and look forward to meeting again soon."

- Legal Operations Manager at a Major Online Retailer


"Today, I had one of the best meetings I have ever had with members of an outside law firm. They joined us to exchange ideas on how we could work more effectively together and to share knowledge and best practices relating to both of our organizations, and the broader legal services market. It was a wonderful conversation and reinforced the benefit we have seen from working with Perkins Coie."

- General Counsel at a Global Software Maker


“Having industry thought leaders focusing on innovative practice management and client value creation gives us confidence to explore new and mutually beneficial avenues for how legal services are delivered. This will only help deepen our relationship with Perkins Coie.”

- Director of Law Firm Engagement at a Leading Technology Company   


Representative Collaborations


In an effort to effectively track progress and provide transparency in our relationship with a global software maker, we developed a customized Quarterly Business Report (QBR) and monthly progress reports highlighting key performance indicators (KPIs) and breaking down our portfolio of work by area of law, individual matter, and the comparative volume of work. This helps in analyzing the work, managing the monthly fixed-fee arrangement and determining when to shift budgets based on changes in work.

In another project, we are developing a predictive analytics project for a global technology company to improve projections of fees for due diligence. This project involves in-depth analyses of data across all the client’s M&A matters.

Technology Solutions

Our PC Matter Management tool enables dispersed teams of lawyers to efficiently handle growing numbers of fast-paced matters, streamlines regular reporting to the client and optimizes alternative-fee arrangements. The tool provides a holistic view of clients’ matter activity, timekeeper assignments, key docketing dates and documents.

With our proprietary Portfolio Dashboard, clients gain real-time access to their patent portfolio data and an easier report generation process, reducing overall management costs. Designed to be used by company management to easily track patent portfolio status and progress, the dashboard pulls and presents data in a variety of simple-to-use graphs and reports.

Our Perkins Patent Prosecution Portfolio Management tool (P4) helps patent prosecution timekeepers and administrators centrally review and collaborate on upcoming deadlines and budgets by client, matter and activity level—in real time.

Electronic Billing

Our eBilling team regularly communicates with client legal operations departments to address a wide range of technical issues and accrual-reporting requests.  For example, last year a global technology company was challenged with accrual reports not importing correctly from Serengeti Tracker. We brainstormed methods to organize matters for better reporting, and updated the secondary accrual report sent via email to allow for automated checks and balances.

We also can help clients maximize the value of their eBilling systems. For example, as more clients began to leverage the timekeeper rate module in Serengeti Tracker, we noticed that billing rates were not properly updating in the second year of multiyear rate agreements. When a global retailer began to use the module in 2017, we were able to proactively point out this issue and discuss the timekeeper approval process.  

Knowledge Management

Working with our Emerging Companies & Venture Capital practice, we created a Knowledge Management (KM) framework for document assembly that integrates with the document management system and allows teams to readily access and repurpose common language to avoid reinventing the wheel. The resulting ECVC Forms System produces significant savings for Perkins Coie clients, providing greater flexibility and certainty in fixed-fee arrangements and improved profitability. More than 3,300 documents were generated in the last year.

In addition, we worked with a global software client and a large regional utility to set up their collaboration platforms and KM best practices.

Value-Based Pricing Models

We developed a monthly fixed fee arrangement for all work for a global software company, which provides the client with budgetary certainty and the firm with both predictable revenue streams and the ability to leverage efficiencies to maximize profitability.

For a multinational manufacturer, we have instituted a monthly volume discount in connection with ongoing, large-scale litigation matters. We also regularly work with matter managers to craft multiphase, matter-level budgets. Leveraging existing budgets, historical data analysis of similar matters and input from subject matter experts, we assist in developing accurate, clear budgets with the appropriate assumptions to provide context to the client on the risk factors and risk management to the firm.

Continuing Legal Education

For a major consumer-internet company, we developed a menu of topics for the general counsel to select one CLE session per month.

Custom Training for Executives and Business Staff

We co-led a financial training with senior legal officers at a global software firm.

For another client, Perkins Coie’s Account Management team worked with our Professional Development team to provide a custom Executive Presentation Skills Workshop for the entire legal department (lawyers and staff).

The same client invited Perkins Coie to partner in developing the Perkins Coie Persuasive Leadership Series to train its legal department staff. Presentations include Persuasive Speaking in Presentations, Using Behavioral Styles for Improved Personal and Team Performance, Meaningful Conversations, Taking a Positive Approach in Giving and Receiving Feedback and other topics.


Perkins Coie partnered with a global software firm to create an innovative, joint 1L diversity fellowship that provides a diverse first-year law student the unique opportunity to spend part of the summer in our Palo Alto office and part of the summer in-house at the client’s headquarters.

We also have engaged with several clients to enhance and deepen diversity in the profession, including customizing programs to assist clients’ diversity initiatives.

Pro Bono

We partnered with a global technology company to coordinate training and volunteer opportunities at our Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Clinics. More than 30 of the client’s employees are now on our pro-bono volunteer list, and we are partnering with them on immigration-related projects.

Partnering with a client’s in-house attorneys, we helped to launch a joint project—the Nonprofit Legal Advocates Cohort—with Seattle-based nonprofit legal organization Wayfind, in which Perkins Coie and client attorneys work in teams to represent numerous nonprofits.

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