How might changes in U.S. federal executive and legislative branches affect our clients’ companies, operations and interests?

A new legal landscape may be in store in trade agreements, M&A, antitrust and communications regulations, employee benefits, trusts and estate tax rules and more. Perkins Coie attorneys offer their perspectives, in client updates and in the media, on what to expect in the new era.

Perkins Coie Updates



01.04.2017 - Assessing the Trump Administration’s Approach to Antitrust and Unfair Competition 

Environment and Natural Resources

06.29.2017 - Agencies Release Proposed Rule to Rescind Obama-Era Clean Water Rule

06.08.2017 - USDOT Seeks Input on Unnecessary Rules and Policies Impeding Transportation Infrastructure Projects

04.05.2017 - Executive Order Seeks Sweeping Reversal of Climate Change Policies to Favor U.S. Energy Production

03.02.2017 - Executive Order Signals Federal Clean Water Act Jurisdiction Will Be Narrowed

Health Plan Compliance Services

04.19.2017 - The Fate of the ACA’s Cost-Sharing Reduction Subsidies

03.28.2017 - American Health Care Act Pulled From House Floor: No New Legislation to Repeal and Replace the ACA

03.10.2017 - New Legislation Proposes to Repeal and Replace the ACA

11.22.2016 - Will Employers’ ACA Obligations Change Under the Trump Administration?

International Trade

05.25.2017 - NAFTA Renegotiation Faces a Lengthy, Uncertain Future

01.20.2017 - Key Trade Appointees and President Trump’s Approach to International Trade Policy 

01.19.2017 - CFIUS: President-elect Trump’s Potential Big Stick for China and Foreign Trade

Labor & Employment

06.08.2017 - Department of Labor Withdraws Informal Guidance on Joint Employment and Independent Contractors

11.28.2016 - What Employers Should Know About Texas Judge Halting New FLSA Regulations

Mergers & Acquisitions

01.05.2017 - Protecting Large, National Customers in Merger Enforcement—A Temporary Trend? 

Political Law

03.10.2017 - Department of Justice Posts Foreign Agent Informational Materials Online

02.02.2017 - A Guide to Executive Branch Gift Rules for 2017 

01.30.2017 - Executive Order Adds Ethics Commitments for Executive Branch Appointees 

Product Liability

02.06.2017 - Judge Neil Gorsuch, the Supreme Court and Product Liability Litigation

Securities Litigation

06.13.2017 - U.S. Agencies Step Up Insider Trading Enforcement Against Foreign Nationals, Particularly Chinese Traders

02.28.2017  - 2017 SEC Speaks: Changing Priorities Amid Leadership Transitions

Technology Transactions & Privacy Law, Communications

05.01.2017 - FCC Chairman Issues Proposal to Rollback Net Neutrality

03.29.2017 - Congress Overturns FCC’s Broadband Privacy Order

03.03.2017 - FCC Stay of Broadband Privacy Rules Foreshadows Deregulatory Measures

02.06.2017 - FCC Begins Roll Back of Net Neutrality 

11.30.2016 - What to Expect From the Trump FCC 

11.14.2016 - FCC’s Broadband Privacy Order: Dead on Arrival? 

Trust & Estate Planning

11.23.2016 - What Proposed Tax Plans by Trump Administration and House Republicans Mean for Personal Planning 

White Collar & Investigations

06.13.2017 - U.S. Agencies Step Up Insider Trading Enforcement Against Foreign Nationals, Particularly Chinese Traders

01.04.2017 - How Will Criminal Trade Secret Prosecutions Fare Under President Trump?

In the Media

08.05.2017 - Trump-Russia Grand Jury: What You Need to Know
Partner Barak Cohen quoted in Canadian Broadcasting Corporation article on what impanelled grand jury means.

07.21.2017 - How Far Can Trump Take His Pardon Power?
Partner Bob Bauer talks with Rachel Maddow about whether Donald Trump would have to announce if he has pardoned someone and whether a pardon could be seen as an obstruction of justice.

07.21.2017 - Can Trump Sabotage the Trump Russia Probe?
Partner Bob Bauer talks with Rachel Maddow about what happens to the Trump Russia investigation if Donald Trump tries to go after Robert Mueller or the investigation itself.

07.12.2017 - What the Election-Law Camp Is Saying About Donald Trump Jr.'s Emails
Partners Bob Bauer and Barak Cohen share their thoughts on the Donald Trump Jr.’s email release with The National Law Journal.

07.12.2017 - Election Law Expert Robert Bauer on What Don Jr.’s Emails Mean for the President
Partner Bob Bauer is interviewed by New York Magazine about what Donald Trump Jr.’s email release could mean for the president.

07.12.2017 - Trump Jr.'s Emails: A 'Nothingburger' With a Juicy Side of Criminal Exposure
Partner Barak Cohen offers his views on what Donald Trump Jr. disclosed in his released emails in a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation article.

07.11.2017 - GOP Advisor: Trump Administration Under 'Avalanche of Lies'
Partner Bob Bauer appeared on the MSNBC program, “The Last Word," in a panel discussion assessing the legal liabilities coming out of the 2016 meeting with Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer.

07.11.2017 - Donald Trump Jr. Was Told Campaign Meeting Would Be With ‘Russian Government Attorney,’ According to Emails
Partner Barak Cohen speaks to the potential liability of the information found in the released Donald Trump Jr. emails in an article for The Washington Post.

07.10.2017 - Here’s the Big Problem With the Trump Camp’s Latest Spin About Donald Trump Jr.
Partner Bob Bauer quoted in The Washington Post opinion piece on why the latest information released will be subjected to very intense investigative scrutiny.

07.10.2017 – Is the Donald Jr. Meeting With a Russian Lawyer the Smoking Gun That Proves Collusion?
Partner Bob Bauer weighs in on the latest developments of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia in a Newsweek opinion piece.

06.29.2017 - Failed Walgreens-Rite Aid Deal Telegraphs Potential Antitrust Policy Under Trump
Partner Sonny Allison comments in The Street article about merger enforcement in the Trump administration.

06.23.2017 - Was Trump Tricked Into Pulling Out Of The Paris Agreement?
Partner Brian Potts in Forbes looks into arguments that may have influenced President Trump’s decision on the Paris climate agreement.

06.22.2017 - When Collusion with Russia Becomes a Crime: Part III—”Aiding and Abetting”
Partner Bob Bauer’s Newsweek op-ed considering if “aiding and abetting” principles of the criminal law apply to claims of Trump campaign collusion with Russian interference in the election.

06.19.2017 - Trump Lawyer Says President Not Informed He is Under Investigation
Partner Barak Cohen comments to Reuters on how targets may learn that they are under investigation by the government.

06.19.2017 - A Disabled Executive: The Special Counsel Investigation and Presidential Immunities
Partner Bob Bauer’s Lawfare blog post on the question of whether presidential immunity from indictment or prosecution extends to investigations.

06.08.2017 - Assessing James Comey’s Testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee
Partner Barak Cohen comments in USA Today and The Washington Post on Comey’s testimony.

06.05.2017 - Former White House Counsel Bauer on Trump
Partner Bob Bauer speaks with Bloomberg Radio’s "Bloomberg Law" on developments in the White House and reasons that collusion during the 2016 election could be criminally prosecuted.

O6.03.2017 - Did Trump’s Russia Link Break Campaign Finance Laws?
Partner Bob Bauer offers a Newsweek opinion piece on criminal issues connected to possible Russian intervention in 2016 election.

06.07.2017 - One Part of Comey’s Testimony That Could Help Trump
Partner Barak Cohen comments in The Washington Post on James Comey’s conversations with President Trump in advance of the former FBI director’s congressional testimony.

06.05.2017 - How Will Criminal Trade Secret Prosecutions Fare Under President Trump?
Partner Barak Cohen and Counsel Chelsea Curfman write in Bloomberg Law Privacy & Data Security Law Report about why they expect companies to be under continued and rigorous DOJ scrutiny in the area of trade secrets.

06.01.2017 - GOP Plan Revives, Expands Part of Nixed FCC Privacy Rules
Partner Marc Martin opines in Law360 on the prospects for pending bills before Congress addressing both net neutrality and broadband privacy that reflect competing views regarding how to bring certainty to rules protecting consumer access to the internet.

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