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Energy - Renewable



Renewable energy continues to grow as a preferred energy source and more companies are deciding to invest in renewable energy technology. Perkins Coie can assist clients with all aspects of renewable energy development and acquisition. Our attorneys have worked in the renewable energy sector since the 1970s and have extensive experience with all types of renewable energy. We routinely work on matters involving wind, solar, hydroelectric, hydrokinetic (wave, current and tidal), geothermal, ethanol, biofuels, biomass, landfill gas and other renewable energy projects.

Site Selection and Real Estate

Our attorneys work with clients and consultants to evaluate potential project locations. Once a site has been selected our real estate attorneys assist clients in acquiring options, easements or titles to projects sites, associated rights-of-way, and mitigation areas.

Permitting and Environmental Assessment

Our attorneys have extensive experience with local land use requirements, environmental permitting and energy facility siting regulations. Our attorneys have worked with clients, consultants and regulators to evaluate and minimize potential environmental impacts (including wildlife and habitat impacts), as well as impacts (including noise and aesthetic impacts) to nearby residents. We have been involved in permitting proceedings in many states concerning many different types of renewable energy projects.

Project Acquisition, Finance and Power Sales

Our attorneys represent clients in a full range of commercial transactions involving renewable energy projects. Our work includes negotiating power purchase agreements, conducting due diligence investigations and arranging project financing. We have extensive experience representing buyers and sellers in transactions involving renewable energy.

Transmission and Interconnection

Our attorneys often represent renewable energy project developers and utilities on electric transmission and interconnection issues. We advise clients on interconnection contracts queue position issues and regulatory proceedings involving interstate and transborder transmission issues. Our attorneys have extensive FERC experience and have worked with the independent system operators, regional transmission organizations and the Bonneville Power Administration.

Tax Credits, Renewable Portfolio Standards, RECs and Green Tags

Our attorneys are very familiar with both the policy issues and practical implications concerning federal and state tax credits, renewable portfolio standards, RECs and green tags. These policies create opportunities for renewable power developers to obtain tax advantages, favorable financing and additional value for renewable energy. Our attorneys have represented clients in the development of these kinds of policies and regulations and advised clients on how to take advantage of the opportunities they present.