Perkins Coie Diversity

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Our Mission

Perkins Coie embraces diversity as part of our commitment to excellence and community.  Embracing diversity allows us to draw from varied perspectives and communities in order to deliver excellence to our clients and attract the very best talent to our ranks.  Diversity is integral to our collegial environment because it allows us to learn from one another, appreciate differences and collaborate more effectively.  Perkins Coie is committed to being a diverse and inclusive firm.  We are also committed to supporting, participating and partnering with others in efforts to make the legal profession diverse and inclusive.

Learn more about our firm and its commitment from Firmwide Managing Partner Robert Giles. 

Recruitment and Retention

We seek to recruit and retain the best talent.  As part of our efforts, we have a long-standing 1L Fellowship program that offers paid summer associate positions and $7,500 in academic scholarships to diverse law students.  Fellows are selected based on their academic record, interests and meaningful contribution to diversity programs at their law schools.  A number of fellows receive offers for full-time employment.  We also sponsor job fairs and conventions for national diverse student associations and develop programs to help diverse law students prepare for their job search. 

Once an attorney becomes part of our community, we want him or her to feel welcome and prepared to participate at every level of engagement necessary for success.  The firm supports affinity groups for women, parents, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender attorneys, lawyers with disabilities, and lawyers of color (African American, Latina/o, Asian Pacific Islander and South Asian).  These affinity groups offer opportunities for fellowship, support and networking.  Local office diversity committees offer programs and events that respond to the specific and unique needs of their communities.  The firm also hosts national programs and retreats aimed at providing diverse attorneys with the information and tools they need to succeed.

We invite you to learn more about our diverse attorneys and their stories of success.  Those featured in the video below have built successful practices at Perkins.  They also have created industry groups, new practices and lead client teams, national practices and committees.  

Learn more about their paths to success and the ways the firm has supported them. 

Commitment from the Top

A number of committees work together to advance diversity and inclusion within the firm.  The Strategic Diversity Committee (SDC) develops firmwide diversity strategies and policies.  Firm leaders, including the Firmwide Managing Partner and members of the Executive Committee serve on this committee.  The SDC meets on a monthly basis to measure progress against its goals.  The Executive Committee, which serves as the overall governing body of the firm, is chaired by Laura Neebling, a real estate partner in our Seattle office.  The Executive Committee created a task force – the Diversity Working Group – to assist with key diversity projects identified by the SDC and Chief Diversity Officer.  Diversity initiatives and strategies are implemented by an administrative team led by Chief Diversity Officer Theresa Cropper. Ms. Cropper provides counsel and serves as a resource to practices, administrative groups and firm leaders on a wide range of diversity matters.
Chief Diversity Officer Theresa Cropper discusses diversity at Perkins Coie.